10 men's fashion influencers on Instagram that you should follow

10 men's fashion influencers on Instagram that you should follow

Gabriel Spencer-Harper
Gabriel Spencer-Harper
MENSWR trendsetter

Finding your way on Instagram to get the best content and inspiration can be daunting. Gabriel from www.moju.io, a search engine for Instagram, selected ten men's fashion influencers on Instagram that you should follow. It is a mix of up and coming stars and established fashion icons who surely will inspire a few new items in your wardrobe.

10) Matt Owen

With 12,000 followers

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9) Orlando Torres

With 20,000 followers, he's looking sharp in this outfit of the day:

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8) Olivier C

With 28,000 followers, he's a particular fan of Japanese denim:

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7) Luis Zambrano

With 18,000 followers, Luis keeps it simple:

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6) Gregory DelliCarpini Junior

With 131,000 followers and his distinctive long hair:

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5) Will Taylor

With 187,000 followers, a strong fan of pastel colours:

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4) Phil Cohen

With 540,000 followers, he's all about the clothes:

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3) Mariano Di Vaio

With 5.5m followers, Mariano Di Vaio looking crisp:

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2) Aleks Musika

With 175,000 followers, Aleks has his own brand:

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1) Adam Gallagher

With 2m followers and a loyal fan base, Adam snatches first place with this shot:

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