3 Best Men’s Hats for Fall

3 Best Men’s Hats for Fall

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As we transition from summer into fall, temperatures and what looks good changes on the dime every year. Having a collection of button-down shirts to a nice pair of comfortable shoes is usually the most important piece of the style equation. However, everything above seems to be missed. Complimented with a cool pair of sunglasses, a fashionable hat can go a long way to extenuate one’s style. Let’s take a look at 3 new mover and shaker hats that absolutely must be in your wardrobe.

The Capital Fedora

Not getting into a political bout, this hat represents everything that is “wholesome” and “with American values” for today’s gentleman. No matter which political party you represent, this hat is versatile in pairing by offering a choice of 4 colors. These include black, brown, grey and pecan. Each hat features a grosgrain band and a collectible walrus hats pin. This pin easily pulls out of the hat in case you would rather not have it featured.

This wool fedora is made from genuine Australian wool, which is typically thicker than most wool hats, but is ideal for more northern states in keeping your head warm on those chilly nights, while looking like a boss.

The Shelby Flat Cap

Inspired from the show “Peaky Blinders”, this newsboy hat comes in 5 different colors and styles. The most popular style is the grey herringbone. This cap is perfect for Halloween if you want to dress up as a newsie or gangster and also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer during the holidays. Ironically, this hat looks great all year round and is often worn inside pool halls, pubs and pretty much any casual setting. The shelby is also made with a specialized heat retention hat liner that keeps your head warm during these colder times.

This hat also comes with a collectible Walrus Hats pin and features a double snap brim, which allows you to adjust your style at a pinch of a button. Most wearers of this hat claim it to be one of the most comfortable and stylish flat caps that have ever worn.

Hashtag Fedora

Not only is this hat made from the legendary manufacturer Dobbs Hats, but is trendy while keeping our style statuses as being trendy. Confused? Don’t be. Being called the Hashtag, makes most people think of social tags that Facebook and Twitter use. Outside of the overall charm and presentation, this hat is fitting for any setting and conversation. You will also love the price as it can be snatched up for only $75.00. This fedora comes in Cognac (brown) and a very punctual navy blue with a maroon edged-brim.

The hat is made from a high-grade wool felt that can’t be described unless you hold the hat in your hands. This hat poses for formal and casual occasions and is sure to be a collectible hat in the near future. Other words, wear it and take care of it! Hat wearers love the fact this hat is made in the USA.

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