3 Ways to Boost your Weekend Style

3 Ways to Boost your Weekend Style

Bertrand Doux
Bertrand Doux
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For most guys out there, casual style is tricky. If you spend the bulk of your week in suits or professional gear, it’s easy to feel lost when it’s time to dress down. Strong casual style is all about finding the balance between comfort and polish. Guys who move too far in the comfort direction can end up looking sloppy. Guys who head too far to the other end of the spectrum can come off stuffy. Follow these three tips and navigate the world of casual men’s fashion with ease.

Kick Your Sneakers To The Curb

Sometimes, a great casual look is ruined by a bad pair of shoes. Sure, sneakers are synonymous with casual style. They’re comfortable and perfectly designed for the kind of high-energy activities that take up space in your weekend. But unless you’re an avid weekend warrior, it’s time to elevate your footwear to something equally comfortable but far more stylish.

Try out casual leather shoes. They’re exactly what they sound like. Casual leather shoes are often a low-top or mid-top shoe design with a rubber sole. You’ve got the stylistic sophistication up top and the comfort of a sneaker on the bottom. Casual shoes, like the Freamon Leather from UGG, offer the best of both worlds. They send out a message that you care about men’s fashion, even when you’re off duty.

Come To The Dark Side (of Denim)

When most guys think of casual looks, denim is almost always included. But where most of these guys go wrong is with a really light wash. When it comes to men’s fashion, darker colors always indicate an additional level of refinement. It’s not necessarily professional; it’s sleeker and more versatile.

Dark indigo blue denim helps take any casual look to the next level. For starters, they look great with sneakers but they’re truly elevated by leather shoes. Even when you’re in jeans and casual leather shoes, you’ll look like you’re headed to the office. And that isn’t a bad thing. Additionally, dark indigo blue is a cool color. Cool colors, especially the really dark ones, pair well with warm colors. In fact, dark indigo blue works almost like black. So you essentially have no restrictions when it comes to building looks. Try on Hollister’s Slim Straight Jeans for size.

Put A Name On it

For a brief period, men’s fashion was all about minimalism and utility. It’s safe to say that period is over. Instead of that plain black tee in your top drawer, opt for something with more life. Bold graphic tees are the perfect addition to any casual wardrobe that needs some updates.

The great thing about bold tees is that they become a conversation piece, and they work almost like living, breathing art on your body. They communicate a fearlessness and bravery to the world. Just be sure you pick one that represents your style and personality. The James Perse Malibu Beach Graphic Tee pays homage to California in a chic and masculine way.

While mastering the nuances of casual style can seem difficult, you will nail it with only a few tweaks.

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