4 Ways to Spring Into Style

4 Ways to Spring Into Style

MENSWR trendsetter

If there's anything we can gather from these various fashion weeks from Milan to New York, it's that trends are a real thing. Over the recent years, there's been a revival of many style moves, from military-inspired bomber jackets to lavish fur coats.  That's not to mention the injection of fashionable animal print gone wild, thanks to Gucci's visionary Alessandro Michele. Either way, trends are always upon us, so as we transition into spring it only makes sense to see what's worth trendsetting. Let's look at 4 trends for the upcoming season and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Check Please

Plaids, squares, windowpanes, gingham... these geometrical patterns have made a comeback recently, and they are an awesome way to rock your spring gear. Whether it's a windowpane suit or a plaid polo, don't be afraid to pull off some pattern as the days heat up. It's a great way to be bold and stand out, so you'll be noticed... in a good way. And that's ultimately what you want. Just make sure to keep everything else simple. You don't want to look like a maze.

Boot Up

Consider boots as the SUVs of shoes, as both are trending all the way up these days. You can rock boots in several ways, from sweatpants to suits. Just know how to pair them appropriately. The best boots to wear with a suit are chelsea or jodhpur boots - pretty much ones that don't have laces - so it'll keep your suit game simple and streamlined. The chunky mountain boots or your classic Timberland's are fair game for anything else. Try swapping out your sneakers with a pair of boots and let your outfit do all the talking. 

Nurture Nature

Lions, tigers, bears. No, this isn't Wonderland, but that shouldn't stop you from investing in some wardrobe pieces inspired by nature. It doesn't stop at zoo animals. You can rock anything from dinosaurs to daisies. Wondering how to pull that off? If you're going to rock a loud print like that (and you should), then keep everything else very simple and neutral. Want to rock that tiger t-shirt? Wear an earthy suede jacket with some black jeans. Or if you'd like to rock that floral bomber jacket, then pair it with a solid tee and matching jeans. What's that sound? Oh it's just the mic hitting the floor. 

Lighten Up

As you peel the layers off of your outfits, you should also take the weight off of your wallet. I'm sure you can talk yourself into needing everything you have stuffed in your wallet, including that random business card you got from that guy at that time in that place. But that doesn't mean you should.  Actual studies have been done that proves it's not good for your back to have a wallet the size of unused bar soap. Go ahead and google it for yourself. When you're ready to accept this and do something about it, then consider a card holder. It can take 2-3 of your credit cards, your license, and even some cash to boot. Save everything else for when you really need it. If you do really (really) need to hold more than that, then opt for a slim wallet or pocket organizer, and keep it in your coat pocket or front pants pocket (when you aren't wearing a coat). Either way, your back will thank you.

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