4 Winter Outfits for Every Occasion

4 Winter Outfits for Every Occasion

Stefan Buzas
Stefan Buzas
MENSWR trendsetter

The white season, which many say is the most beautiful time of the year, wouldn’t be as beautiful without the stuff from our wardrobes. Our clothes and accessories boost the holiday’s spirit, as well as our mood during the whole season. Ice skating in the night with your darling during the snowfall, Christmas lights and decorations in the background sound amazing, but without the right garments it’s not the same. You feel much better when you know you’re wearing a well-styled outfit. I decided to share with you some combos for different events of this season.

Outfit #1 – Streetwear

For me, the 2 most important items I need to wear when I go out in the city are a coat and a scarf. After choosing these 2, I style up the rest of my outfit based on them.
I really like black and camel or vice versa as the colors for the coat – scarf starting combo. In this case, I’d try to keep the color aesthetics simple, 2 maybe 3 colors only. If I’d decide to go with a black coat and a camel scarf, I would keep all the accessories (gloves, hat, watch belt) colored similarly to the scarf. I would wear black pants and take the whole look to a new level with a 3rd color for the boots and shirt, maybe red or dark blue.

Outfit #2 – Indoor wear

Again, I go with 2 basic items: a shirt, red or blue, and jumper, beige or orange-brown, however, you could also try a simple jumper with Winter related designs on it. If you like these items just go with some jeans or chinos, black, dark brown/blue/green, whatever fits them well. You should wear a leather watch, its belt’s color should be similar to one of the pants. Colors really do depend on what you started with. Regarding footwear, you should go with black boots or dark brown shoes, but again it depends on what you started with.

Outfit #3 – Outdoor wear

This one is similar to Outfit #2 in some ways, with some extras. Here is the outfit I wore last time I had a trip to the mountain: Red and black textured shirt, beige jumper, brown and dark green vest, brown hat, dark blue jeans and boots, a pair of dark gray gloves and a watch with a brown belt. I know, you think that there are a lot of colors here... but the overall combo will look amazing! You may also simplify the colors if you want.

Outfit #4 – Business wear

Red and black or blue and brown textured shirt, the opposite color combo for the tie, black or dark brown/blue/green suit, you can wear 2 colors here. An outfit to exemplify this: a dark green blazer with dark brown leather gloves in one of its pockets and dark brown pants. Dark shoes would look nice, here I don’t really recommend the use of a watch with a leather belt, but wood or metal. Bracelets from the same material would be cool and work really well.

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