5 Basic Pieces to Take Your Spring Layering to the Next Level

5 Basic Pieces to Take Your Spring Layering to the Next Level

Leonardo Conroy
Leonardo Conroy
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Spring is almost upon us! Even though it’s still cold, here in the eastern US, a recent patch of 50 and 60 degree weather has reminded us that soon, it’ll be time to break out the bright colors and mankles! However, with the changes in temperature throughout the day, it’s clear that one cannot rely on a single layer of clothes to last the entire day. Here are some basic pieces that you can use to take your spring layering to the next level.

Track Jackets

If you’ve never heard of athleisure, you’ll need to climb out from out of that hole that you’ve been living under for the past ten years. This trend has stuck around for a while and doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. It also gives a man a much wider range of options to layer with, and gives him much better options than hoodies. Luxe track jackets are very easy to pair with pre-existing casual outfits. They should be treated like a shirt if worn with casual pants or a blazer/sports coat if worn with trousers or chinos (I’d personally recommend staying away from a dress pants/track jacket pairing). A track jacket can be worn with a tie, although I would tend to stray towards knit styles, along with pared-down fabrics like rough silk, wool, cotton, and cashmere.

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Bombers are very similar (for the purposes of styling) to track jackets, except they tend to be much more rooted into the “dapper-casual” rank of formality. I would avoid wearing them with any type of pants too casual (sweatpants) or anything too formal (dress pants/slacks). Bombers can also be layered on top of almost anything, like the aforementioned track jacket. Bombers are extremely easy to acquire, and come in so many styles that it can make your head hurt, so finding one that speaks to you is nearly guaranteed.

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The softshell jacket has long been disregarded as something to be thrown on at the last second, without any thought. However, a softshell is a canvas with which you can add some pizazz to your outfit on your way to work from home. Straying closer to matte colors is always a good idea with outerwear, and that suggestion definitely applies here, as anything too bright might give off the impression of a safety jacket.

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A tiny peek of a light, contrast-color puffer vest peeking out from under a blazer or other jacket is always cool. Enough said.

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Military Jacket

Military jackets have been cool since they migrated from the battlefield to the high street and have been worn by the likes of Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, and Harrison Ford. Military jackets can be worn with many things, but denim seems to be the easy default (that’s probably because olive green and blue look pretty damn good together). However, it can also be easily paired with other neutral colors, such as tan. A military jacket can be thrown over a casual outfit, or can be layered over a dress shirt and tie in order to tone down a more formal look.

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