5 Tips to Inject Personality Into Your Looks

5 Tips to Inject Personality Into Your Looks

Bertrand Doux
Bertrand Doux
MENSWR trendsetter

The men’s fashion industry is on fire right now. You can find the most compelling and adventurous looks, but with so much innovation and improvement comes duplication. Whether you are wary of following trends or consider duplicating the looks of style icons like Kanye or Justin Theroux, here are five ways to inject personality into your looks.

Shop Somewhere Else

Set yourself apart simply by purchasing from a lesser known brand. Instead of focusing on the label or the retailer, focus on the garments. Does this piece speak to you? Can you see yourself rocking this with confidence? If the answers to these questions are both yes, then buy it. Forget about who made it. Have a look at our selection of favorite brands.

Use Trends Sparingly

You may have strong affection for ripped denim, longline t-shirts and high top sneakers. Or you might love the style renaissance brought about by Mad Men with all its pocket squares, turtlenecks, and impeccably tailored suits. But just because you see guys effortlessly pull off the looks on TV doesn’t mean you have to do the same in real life. You don’t want to be the guy who looks as though he walked into a department store and bought the mannequin look. Use popular looks as a starting point to build your personal style.

Focus On Quality

If you take your wardrobe seriously, you need to invest in quality pieces. You need clothes that you love but that also last longer than two or three wears. The current menswear climate tends to value low price over high quality. If you want to put your own spin on things, start by picking out some key pieces that’ll be around for years to come. Think cashmere sweaters over cotton or wool trousers over basic chinos. By investing in value, you’ll avoid duplicating what’s popular.

Play With Color

Most guys love black, grey, and pretty much any neutral tone. But you can easily enhance looks built on a foundation of neutrality. Add some individuality by working in some new color. Warm hues like orange and yellow always stand out. For the colder months, jewel tones like ruby or sapphire blue create great contrasts.

Be True To Yourself

When you get dressed in the morning, consider the aesthetic in which you feel most comfortable. If you lead an active life, consider building a wardrobe steeped in athleisure.  If you’re more conservative, build up your professional basics and play around until you land on pairings you like. The most important part of defining your personal style is feeling comfortable. You have apps today that help you easily find clothing that matches your personal style in a snap.

Landing on your signature style is less about following a blueprint and more about getting in touch with your inner style. If you can do this, you’ll look good no matter what. MENSWR helps you discover quality and original pieces based on your personal preferences in a snap. Give us a try!

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