Finding The Right Watch to Match Your Style

Finding The Right Watch to Match Your Style

Jordan Ferro
Jordan Ferro
MENSWR trendsetter

In this era, watches are not purchased just for telling time. Today's timepieces are critical in making a very clear statement about your personality, your status and your position in this world. They have evolved from a simple instrumental device to an essential accessory that defines your very own self.

Value for money

Let me share a few things with you that majority of the watch collectors have known for years. The first and foremost point to be understood, timepieces are not a financial investment. It is possible to obtain specific watches whose value might be preserved or increased over time, but these are just some exceptions. Watches are like cars; they depreciate after you buy them. The most appropriate technique to find out how much a specific timepiece might depreciate is to check out the used ones online and see at what rate they are selling for as compared to the price of a new one. If a watch is priced at even 15% of its retail price when used, this indicates that it holds value.

Customers know that they buy watches by following the current trend, brand name or on rare occasions for sentimental purposes. If you are interested in purchasing a timeless classic that you can later sell for a profit, then initially you have to invest a lot of funds. Hence, you should not spend more than you can afford on a watch. You should be looking for a timepiece that is worth your money, and if you aren't familiar with what to expect, then I suggest that you compare the features, quality, the design of the watches that come under your particular price range. Stylish and better quality watches are obviously expensive. For example, if you want a decent Swiss watch its starting price is almost $600, while mid-range Swiss watches can go up to $10,000.

You and your watch

A watch describes so much about you, your taste, status, habits, fashion choices and so much more. In away, it flashes information to the people around you, so much that it acts like your resume or Facebook profile. No matter what timepiece you choose to buy, to people you interact with, you are declaring yourself and telling things about you.

The more reasonable, albeit lower cost brands like Timex and Fossil usually define their utility; telling time and speak more to your thriftiness than your sense of fashion. On the other hand, high-end brands like Bvlgari manufacture timepieces that function as show pieces along with its timekeeping benefits.

And then there are the exclusive horologicals that convey style, one that never ages and that are appreciated all over the world for their design, quality, value, timekeeping ability, and that all-important message of style.

Ultimately, whether you prefer to buy a Rolex, Ulysse Nardin, Bulova, Tissot, Casio or watches from any other brand, remember that your timepiece should define you as a person and be the equivalent of your personality.

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