Saving the Hassle of Shopping

Saving the Hassle of Shopping

Bertrand Doux
Bertrand Doux
MENSWR trendsetter

No more searching products that look the same or don’t match your tastes. We want to be your go-to place when you are in the mood for discovering great products. Here goes what’s new at MENSWR.

MENSWR wants to save you the hassle of shopping

As consumers, we felt we needed the option to shop great products that inspired us without spending time in the discovery process. What if we could find one place that got to know us in a snap, and offered the latest products from amazing brands?

As professionals from the world of search, e-commerce and machine learning, we decided we had to fill that void building a great experience that would turn shopping into an inspiring and satisfying moment.

Our men’s style and fashion discovery platform

Create your profile in 15 seconds. Our style feed will serve you a selection of great products in men’s fashion, technology, clothing, shoes, which we know you will love. Select your favorites, tune your preferences. Products are hand picked from hundreds of brands. We also take into account what is trending within our community of members. This Summer we listened to your feedback and focused on making the experience more compelling.

What's new

More personalized: you can like and dislike the products you browse on MENSWR directly from your style feed. We bake this into our algorithms and will serve you a more personalized feed next time you visit us.

Faster and slicker: we improved the overall speed and design so that you can find the latest, hippest and trendiest products faster.

More choice: we added new brands and product categories (technology, grooming) so that you can always find something that will inspire you. Once you made your choice, use the Buy Now button to checkout on web or mobile. Products will be shipped by one of our trusted partners.

By signing up you get to create your style feed and explore all categories, only seeing those products that match your tastes. MENSWR is your personalized store. We hope you will like it!

Bertrand Doux, Founder & CEO, MENSWR

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