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Editor in Chief at Fashionable Inc.

Bertrand Doux

Bertrand is the founder and CEO of MENSWR. He started MENSWR with the idea that shopping for clothes should be fast, easy... and inspiring.


blissmfoster’s style page on MENSWR


Showcasing mens fashion grids from around the world.

Conor Richardson

Conor works in a department store on a menswear team. He also works with cosmetics and fragrance, women's and children's fashion, and has an all around understanding of style and outfit building.

Gabriel Spencer-Harper

Gabriel is the co-founder of Moju helps you find relevant Instagram influencers. Think of us as a search engine for Instagram.

JD Oliveros

JD is a fashion addict. He is responsible for MENSWR’s inventory and curation efforts. If it were not for MENSWR, he would spend his spare time chasing the latest trends in men's lifestyle and the latest social apps.


joeangelacosta’s style page on MENSWR

Jordan Ferro

I'm Jordan, founder and owner of a small luxury watch retailer, Watch & Bullion. Guess what? I'm passionate about watches!

Leonardo Conroy

Leo is a blogger and founder of ThisStyleAndI, a site whose focus is on Men’s Style. He is also a guest contributor on this website, and hopes to help those who are unsure about their own style develop a very personal relationship with their look.


mr.gentlementality’s is an unofficial style consultant as creator of Gentlementality. His personal style is a little bit of everything from Ralph Lauren to Saint Laurent to Nike, from athleisure to suiting up to rock 'n roller.


Born in Chicago. Made in LA. My name is Junho and I'm a neutral color-holic.


norabel13 is a long-time e-commerce entrepreneur and CEO. His favorite style in modern menswear: athleisure.


"Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style."


Skinny dudes unite! Fashion ideas for those slim, skinny, boney brotha's.

Stefan Buzas

Stefan Buzas is an amateur fashion blogger who loves to share his passion for stylish outfits.


willlubaroff’s style page on MENSWR

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