Frequently Asked Questions

What is MENSWR?
We are a personalized style advice service.
Our mission is to help you save the hassle of shopping and look your best. Running out of time, ideas, or indecisive about where to start? Get personalized outfits recommendations. Personal stylists will hand-pick great products from hundreds of brands based on your personal preferences and body shape. We charge a styling fee, while recommended products will be bought separately on the brands websites picked by your stylists. The more you shop with us, the better we will know and serve you.

How much does it cost?
Styling fees start from $19.99.
It is not a subscription plan, you are free to come back or just use MENSWR once.

What brands do you have for me?
Our stylists go all over the web and select the best products that will match your needs, style, fit and budget.
You will find John Varvatos, Reiss, Kenneth Cole, Guess, AG Jeans, and many more top and emerging brands.

How much will I pay for the clothes?
Our stylists will pick clothes within your budget.
As you will buy the products directly on the brands websites, you will pay the regular price established by the brands.

What about shipping and returns?
Shipping and returns are handled directly by the brands.
Returns are handled by the brands. Most brands will give you 30 days to return an item.

Who are your personal stylists?
We select fun, creative personal stylists.
Our personal stylists are known for their style and their dedication to customer satisfaction. If you have a passion for men's fashion and want to earn money on your schedule, contact us.

How do I get started?
It takes 2 minutes to get started.
Start with your style profile, pick a styling package. Done! Get started here.