Top 5 Men’s Fashion Apps You Must Know

Top 5 Men’s Fashion Apps You Must Know

Bertrand Doux
Bertrand Doux
MENSWR trendsetter

More and more, guys are taking care of their shopping needs through their mobile phones. Phones are in every part of our lives, from social media to work emails. However, when it comes to shopping, the possibilities are endless and narrowing down your best options can be an exhaustive task. There are far too many options out there to sample each one and make a selection. So we selected our five favorite apps that will help you save time, bolster your sense of what is trending, what works, and find clothing that suits all your needs.

For the demanding and time pressed: MENSWR

Your budget: $ to $$$

One of the most daunting parts of shopping for clothing on your mobile device is the sheer number of options. You have a world of possibility but it also leads down a path of indecision. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the clothing out there, or have absolutely no clue where to start, MENSWR has the perfect solution for you.


We are taking personalization to the next level. Sign up in just 15 seconds for free, and provide insight into the type of clothing you like. From there, the editorial team hand selects pieces from the site’s vast apparel and accessory collection. Shop items that are specifically tailored to your needs and preferences. Provide immediate feedback on the products you are presented and your style feed adjusts to your tastes. Instead of surfing a website and clicking through thousands of items in frustration, you get access to a highly curated and personalized shopping experience. Think of it as digital personal shopping – the next wave of commerce that will change the way you shop.


MENSWR further sets itself apart by presenting its products according to theme. Instead of shopping all sweaters or all jeans, you can browse by aesthetic. Casual, smart, athletic and formal categories are just a few examples of style collections that feature a wide range of apparel and accessories culled together to evoke specific tastes. And of course, if you prefer to shop the old school way, that’s also possible. In terms of product assortment, MENSWR offers items from a plethora of top brands in all price ranges. From Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch to Viktor & Rolf, across 300 brands, every style and taste level is covered.

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For contemporary guys tips and inspiration: GQ Style Guide

Your budget: $ to $$$

The world of men’s fashion is synonymous with GQ. As one of the longest-running men’s magazines in the world, the publication has always been a purveyor of style advice and a champion for well-dressed men. Additionally, GQ has found itself leading the way in publishing tech with breathtaking digital issues.


GQ ensures its mobile experience is packed full of everything you’ve come to expect: celebrity profiles, travel stories, investigative articles about current events, how-to guides for common fashion problems and previews of amazing clothing pieces hitting stores soon. The voice is contemporary, snarky and fresh. You’ll walk away entertained and inspired to look your best.


All too often, magazines translate their issues to mobile too literally. There’s really no difference between reading the physical magazine and the digital copy-except the latter is on your device. GQ answers the call with lots of hidden goodies. Within the pages, you can find supplemental photos, video, links and article extras buried within its pages. It’s an immersive experience that can utilize a new medium to make each issue fun and informative.

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For a common sense style guide that stands the test of time: The Art of Manliness

Your budget: $ to $$

If GQ is for the contemporary city guy, then The Art of Manliness is for those holding onto to a more traditionalist idea of what it means to be a man. Since 2009, the team at AOM have been eschewing knowledge on everything from achieving the perfect shave to shopping for a suit. Think of AOM as a father figure with an insane amount of information and life experience.


Where most other men’s publications and apps hone in on fashion trend and spotlights on designer goods, AOM prioritizes the reader, ensuring he walks away prepared to master a new skill. It’s a safe space to learn more and more about how to be a man-outside of the highly glossed version touted by almost every publication on newsstands. The photos call to mind men of the mid 1950s but don’t mistake AOM as an out-of-touch resource. The articles are indispensable: common sense guides that stand the test of time.


Big articles at the moment include “The Complete Guide on How to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves“, “How to Undo the Damage of Sitting”, “A Man’s Guide to Wristwatches: How to Choose a Watch” and “How to Pack for a One-Week Business Trip”. AOM’s greatest strength is its practicality. It removes the pretense and places every reader on an even playing field. There’s something beneficial here for every guy.

Visit: The Art of Manliness

For the busy professional looking for top-tier brands: Trunk Club

Your budget: $$$

Where subscription services essentially send most members the same products, Trunk Club tailors each box to the member’s tastes. Fill out a profile that includes information about your daily life, style preferences and sizes, and receive a box packed with new essentials. You will be connected directly with a stylist that can help you navigate your box and make refinements so it’s perfect every time. There’s no obligation to keep it all. Try everything on, decide what you want to keep and send the rest back. You only get charged for the items you keep, and if you don’t keep anything, you will be charged a $25 shipping fee.


For guys who want to keep their wardrobes updated, Trunk Club does the heavy lifting. You can literally receive an entirely new, hand-selected wardrobe. Trunk Club’s service removes the need for you to step foot inside of another store. It’s ideal for the busy professional who needs to look the part but doesn’t have the time to do it on his own.


Trunk Club partners with several brands from around the globe to provide a top-tier product selection. The brand is owned by Nordstrom, a well-known purveyor of luxury goods.

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For those looking for inspiration with time on their hands: Pinterest

Your budget: $ to $$$

The app serves as a digital scrapbook for its users. Once you sign up, you create your own themed boards. If you’re logging on to find fashion inspiration, you can set up boards for everything from jeans to high top sneakers to dress shirts. Then, search the site’s images for ideas that strike your fancy. When you stumble upon something that you like, save that image to one your boards.

One of the good things about Pinterest is that you can inform your buying decisions before you ever spend a dollar. Instead of venturing into a store bewildered and confused, log onto Pinterest and sift through pictures. You can find inspiration that you can reference in just a click.


Another part of Pinterest is the community. As you build your boards, you’ll start following people who share your interests. Everyone in your network can play an active role in studying your selections. You can even invite other users to pin to your board on your behalf.

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Men’s fashion is increasingly dependent on mobile.  Our smartphones are just as essential in our shopping experiences as our wallets.  You can be a style expert or a total novice. Whichever category you fall into, there’s an app out there to help you. If you want someone to make selections for you or just want to learn about how to wear something, you don’t have to look any further than the palm of your hand. These five apps cover every base from fashion education to purchases. Don’t feel overwhelmed or under-prepared again. 

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